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42 Ontwerpt en implementeert state-of-the-art Java en J2EE applicaties.
Our Sponsor.
Sponsor an assignment by making one.
If you and/or your company want to contribute to the annual 'Masters of Java' event in November by creating an Assignment you are more than welcome to do so !

Current assignment Sponsors:

As always there are some nasty bits:

  • Anyone with knowledge about your assignment cannot participate in the competition. (Some people see this as a 'good' thing. I don't know why :-)
  • Developing a good Assignment is not an easy thing and here's why;
    1. it needs to be fun,
    2. it needs to be doable in half an hour,
    3. it needs to have a relation to Java technology and
    4. you need to spend time to create a full-fledged assignment

Why do it then?

Because your assignment will be played by a horde of sweating, stressed-out Java fanatics and they will see YOUR name and YOUR company's logo

Aside from that there are also some other good bits:

  • You will be mentioned at the end of the competition as a contributor.
  • There is an Eclipse Plugin available to aid you in developing Assignments.
So, you want to do it ? Check out the checklist first.