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Frequenty asked questions and their answers
Q : What is the maximum number of teams a MoJ server can handle ?

A : Provided you have enough memory and processor power there is no limit :-) However, since only 30 teams can be displayed on the main screen (at 1024x768), I would suggest you leave it at that. MoJ has been tested up to 32 concurrent Gremlins.

Q : Can I use a different test-set when the team submits their solution ?

A : Yes you can. Edit the manifest file so that the TestClass and SubmitClass entries point to different test Tester.Testable implementations.

Q : Can the MoJ server run on a different port ?

A : You can use the MOJ.SERVER.PORT system property to change the default (which is 8080). Ofcourse you need to tell the client as well of the port change. This is done using the command line parameters. The first argument is the server ip address, the second one is the port.

Q : Can I run a round of MoJ for an indefinite period of time.

A : You can fake this behaviour by pausing the clock after a round has started (by pressing space).