Liberating Encrypted TPS Files

The Clarion TPS Encryption algorithm explained.
May '13

Liberating Encrypted TPS Files

My previous article on Clarion TPS files left one big question unanswered: how do encrypted TPS files work and is it possible to decrypt them. In this post I will dissect the encryption algorithm and explain how it works. It involves quite a bit of binary arithmetic and hexadecimal numbers, so take a deep breath before diving in! Learn more...

Mar '13

The Dark Secret of Spring MVC

Do you use Spring MVC in a basic CRUD setup, like with an OpenSessionInView filter and your Entities also as Data Transfer Objects? Then you may have exposed more of your model than you've anticipated. Learn more...

Mar '11

Mutually Assured Destruction

I've always loved the classic movie War Games, so when Robert asked me if I could make something special for a company event I knew just what to make: Turnbased Nuclear War. Interestingly enough the whole Cold War political situation proved to be an excellent metaphor for real life project situations. Learn more...